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What is consulting? - Download the YGCC starter package and explore additional resources offered by the YGCC.

Stay up to date on YGCC events - Join the YGCC mailing list, attend weekly case practice, and stop by YGCC recruiting events.

Optimize your application - Purchase YGCC advanced resources.

Read about applicant journeys - Learn about the experience of applying to consulting firms (Yale only).

Optimize your application - Purchase YGCC advanced resources.

Attend YGCC recruiting events - Join the YGCC mailing list  and stay up-to-date by downloading events from the YGCC Events Calendar.

Preparing your application - Strengthen your application by reviewing the YGCC cover letter and resume slides, competing in the YGCC annual case competition, working on a pro bono project, and attending recruiting events.

*NEW*: MyConsultingOffer & YGCC - free access to MyConsultingOffer resources through YGCC! Please contact us  for login information. 

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