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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

September 29th 6 pm ET

YGCC Alumni Panel 
Join us for a Q&A session with YGCC Alumni who have received full-time job offers from top consulting firms! 
If you are interested in applying for consulting positions in the future, this is a great opportunity for you to find tips and resources to prepare, as well as have all your questions answered! 
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October 6th 6 pm ET

Casebook Competition INFO SESSION 


You may have seen practice cases through our advanced resources, consulting firms' websites, and other MBA school casebooks. 


YGCC will be making a new Casebook this year, and we're excited to open this up to everyone who is interested! 


ZOOM LINK for YGCC Casebook Competition INFO SESSION on October 6th 


Here is more information:

  • Casebook Competition Kick-Off/Info Session will be held Tue October 6th 6 pm ET, in which you'll be provided with the rules and prompt

  • You will work in teams of 2-4 members 

  • Deadline to register your team: Tue October 13th 

  • Entry fee: $10/person

  • The Competition will be held November 10th 

  • You will get a chance to win a cash prize if selected as the winning case! 

Sign up now and find team members by contacting others who have signed up!