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What YGCC is Reading #466
Say Goodbye to the Lightning Cable with Apple’s iPhone 15

Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro on Tuesday. While the lineup revealed advanced features, such as industrial redesign, camera updates, and chip upgrades, the most notable change is the charging port. The newest iPhone is ditching Apple’s proprietary lightning cable, first introduced to its phones in 2012, for a USB-C port. Apple’s port change was pushed to comply with European Union Law requiring all gadgets sold in the EU to be equipped with USB-C ports. Apple is hoping the newest iPhone lineup will be enough to keep sales numbers high amidst the cooling smartphone market. Since 2019, Apple has seen a 44% increase in revenue while iPhone shipments have only advanced 15%. Further, China’s latest restrictions and Huawei Technology’s re-entry to the smartphone market hints at Apple’s uncertainty for dominance in Apple’s third-largest market. What to do with all of the lightning cables you’ve saved? Apple will recycle them for you for free here

  • What are the pros and cons of developing proprietary technology or accessories, like Apple’s lightning cable?  

  • How can Apple push sales of the iPhone 15 in a market expected to drop nearly 5% in smartphone shipments this year?

Read more from The Wall Street Journal here. Like this topic? Check out ‘Styrofoam Situation’ from the Darden 2018-2019 casebook.



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