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What YGCC is Reading #400
JetBlue vs Frontier on Spirit

Frontier Group Holdings Inc. was trying to merge with Spirit Airlines Inc. with a deal of $2.9 billion in cash and stock, and then JetBlue Airway Corps made a hostile takeover bid for Spirit of $3.6 billion in cash. The battle has the potential to reshape the American's aviation sector. By integrating with Spirit, the merged company would become the fifth biggest airline in the US, so both Frontier and JetBlue have been trying to convince Spirit and its shareholders that they'd be a better match than their rival. For Frontier, taking Spirit will expand their networks to a national presence. For JetBlue, taking Spirit could help them with pilot shortages, and backlogs for plane orders. Spirit's shareholders will vote on the Frontier's deal on June 10th.


  • How would the biggest 4 US airlines respond to this deal?

  • How would the deal affect the routes and seat availability for Frontier and JetBlue?

Learn more from this WSJ video.


PHOTO: Joe Raedle/Getty Images