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What YGCC is Reading #433
Microsoft Strengthens its Standing in the AI Race through OpenAI Investiment

This week, Microsoft announced a multibillion-dollar investment with startup, OpenAI. In recent months, the artificial-intelligence startup has seized public attention by making its programs, including ChatGPT and Dall-E 2, widely available. ChatGPT is an interactive chatbot able to  directly respond to prompts ranging from information requests to writing entire essays. Dall-E 2 gained popularity online as it allows users to create art inspired from a text input. Microsoft first invested in OpenAI back in 2019, aiding the startup’s algorithm training. Microsoft’s continued investment demonstrates the immense financial resources being put towards incorporating AI software into its diverse product suite. 


  • In what ways could Microsoft incorporate OpenAI's artificial-intelligence software into their existing product line?


  • What are the pros and cons of integrating AI chatbot technology?


Read more from Wall Street Journal here.


PHOTO: Wall Street Journal

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