The Yale Graduate Consulting Club

Former YGCC Leadership Team Members
Nancy Tao, President
Kachiko Hayashi, President

Daria Huang, Vice President of Content 2016-2017

Jonathan Chee, President

Tianxia Guan, Vice President of Activities, 2016-2017

Kate Otley, Vice President of Communication 2016-2017

Wenqi Han, Associate Manager of Activities 2016-2017

Leela Dodda, Associate Manager of Communication 2016-2017

Kim Quach, President

Yana Bebieva, Associate Manager of Activities 2017-2018

Leo Ma, Associate Manager of Content 2017-2018

Janelle Lora, President 2018-2019

Ipsita Ghosh, Vice President of Communication 2018-2019

Jesse Collins, Vice President of ProBono Activities 2018-2019

Ruben Atilho, Associate Manager 
of Activities 2018-2019

David Stevens, Co-President 

Aarushi Gupta, Co-Vice President of Pro Bono Activities 2018-2019

Elizabeth Min, Vice President of Content 2018-2019

Larry Bowman, Vice President of Activities 2018-2019

Na Zhu, Co-President 

Jeff Chen, Vice President of Communications 2018-2019

Yuwen Qiu, Associate Manager of Content 2018-2019

Ema Tanovic, Vice President of Content 2018-2020

Gannon Connor, Co-President

Shubhra Verma, Associate Manager of Programming 2019-2020

Alisia Botthof, Assistant Vice President of Activities 2019-2020

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